Home Business Start Ups

home business start ups

I wanted to present you with a few ideas for home business start ups that almost anyone can do if they are determined to run their own home based business.

Your business can be online or offline, local or worldwide. The choice is really up to you.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that owning your own home business is going to be easy, without cost, or without significant effort on your part.

I'm amazed at how many people go online and throw all common sense out the window when they start looking at home based business listings.

So many people fall for the get rich quick scams online and then feel angry, cheated, frustrated, disgusted, and a number of other unpleasant emotions.

After running that gamut, they come to the erroneous conclusion that there are ONLY scams and no real legitimate home based business opportunities available.

Well, as one of my grade school teachers used to say, "Put your thinking caps on!" Of course there are no "quick and easy" home business start ups. If someone had a virtual money machine that practically generates money with ease, why in the world would they be foolish enough to "sell" the idea or program to anyone who wants it for only $xxx.xx (you fill in the dollar amount)?

The answer to that question is, "They wouldn't!"

If you are serious about working out of your own home, you need to be prepared to do a little research and put up some investment. That investment may be some money, or it may be some time, or it may be a combination of both. A lot depends on what kind of stay home business opportunity that you decide to go with.

Home Computer Work

With the advancement of technology and the world wide web, home computer work has become very popular as an option for those wanting to make money at home. If you aren't really computer savvy, you may feel that home computer work is beyond your capabilities. It probably is not.

I had no real internet or computer experience, but I chose to give it a shot and am very glad I did. It took me a few months to wade through the online rubbish, but I eventually found something that I felt would work for me. I'll begin with that home business start up option, since it's the one I know the most about.

Create An Online Business Around Your Hobby Or Interest

I ran across a program called Solo Build It that teaches you step by step how to build a website around a particular niche topic. After going through their brainstorming process and determining whether or not there was enough demand (but not too much competition) I started my first home-based business website, Chocolate Candy Mall.

I happen to be a chocoholic, so this was an easy and fun choice for me. You have your own unique loves, hates, interests, hobbies, and knowledge base. You can take what you know or enjoy learning about and turn it into a home business. Amazing, but true.

As I said earlier, it takes an investment. The financial investment for starting up my first home business was small. I only paid $299 for the first year (apart from my internet account), which made it easy for me to turn a profit.  In 15 years, the price has risen, but only to $330 per year, which is a bargain.

But I invested a lot more of my time than I did money. I spent many, many hours reading and writing about the joys of chocolate candy (what labor!). It was time well spent because my delicious chocolate site ranks really well in the search engines, and I get a few thousand visitors every day to "my business" without paying a dime for advertising!

I've gone on to expand my home business with my computer by building a couple of other websites about topics that really interest me. It is my favorite option and the one I recommend the most to those looking for home business start ups.

Home Business Start Ups - Freelance Writing For Others

Another way to use your computer to have a homebased business is to get involved in freelance writing. That means that you write articles for other people rather than for yourself. There are several reliable sites that you can join that matches up writers with those needing work done.

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr - this used to be a platform that you could offer to do a range of tasks for only $5, but these days, you can offer your services for a higher price on Fiverr.

This can be slow going when you are first getting established. You'll need to develop a reputation and a portfolio of work so that when you bid on jobs, you will be chosen. If you provide high quality, unique written material, and deliver it in a timely manner, you should be able to develop ongoing relationships with particular clients and have a steady flow of work.

The benefit of freelance writing as a home business start up is that the financial cost is practically zero. You'll need the internet connection, of course, but I assume you have access already. So this is a good way to get started if you have NO capital to invest.

The downside of this can be the competition. There are thousands of writers competing for these opportunities, and many of them live in countries that can charge less than you may be able to charge for the same work because of the difference in the value of $1 and the cost of living.

Still, if you really love to write, these types of home business start ups are worth considering. I'll admit that it doesn't appeal to me, even though I DO love writing. I prefer to write for myself and grow my own business with my articles than to write them for someone else and receive a one-off payment. When I write for myself, my articles pay me over and over again.

More home based business home income opportunity ideas...

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