How To Make Online Money

how to make online money

You really can learn how to make online money whether you are just starting out or already have a small scale business that you want to expand to reach a larger audience.

Individuals and small businesses have a fantastic opportunity to make money on the internet these days with the access to a global market that has virtually no boundaries or barriers.

The size of the business shouldn't limit the aspirations of the entrepreneur who realizes he can reach millions of customers worldwide with effective global marketing strategies.

When you adopt niche marketing methods targeting customers specifically interested in your products, the expense and effort involved gets minimized, and there is a higher rate of your efforts being converted into sales.

The internet provides a global platform for products and services.  What does that mean for small business owners?

Basically, the playing field is a lot more level when it comes to competition.  

You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on advertising these days to reach a broader area like you would have years ago.

The internet has also created tons of passive income opportunities that are not only great for individuals who want to learn how to make online money but are even suitable for small business owners to add extra income streams to their business model.

How To Make Money Online Without A Website

While I am convinced that the best way to make money online is to own your business fully by having your own website, there are now a lot more opportunities for you to leverage the traffic on other websites to make money online.

Here are a few examples to illustrate my point:

  • eBay, Etsy, Amazon - If you have something to sell, you can list your products for sale on these well established merchant sites to gain access to their customers.  Of course, you'll have to pay them for listing and a percentage of the sale, but some people do well.

    Even if you don't have products of your own, there are a number of wholesalers and dropshippers that you can work with to not only purchase your products at a lower price, but also fulfill the orders, too. 

  • Dreamstime, Shutterstock, istockphoto, etc - If you not only enjoy taking pictures, but you're good at it, too, you can make money by uploading your photos to some of the top stock photo sites.  You earn money when people purchase the right to use your images. 

  • Creative Fabrica - If you are the creative sort and are good at graphic design or other types of digital craft, Creative Fabrica is an option to consider.  I discovered them not long ago myself when I was looking for some graphic design work. You can upload your digital work and get paid when people like me need some help in that arena. 

These are just a few of the more interesting options when it comes to how to make money online without a website.  Of course, there are always places who will pay for well written content, coding skills, virtual assistants, etc.  Consider your skill set and what you love to do, and look for the perfect fit for you. 

How To Make Online Money With A Small Scale Business

Whether you have a small scale business already established or you are just getting started and considering your online money making options, there are definite necessities for you to make decisions about.

The most important tool to make money on the Internet is to have a good quality website that will actually make money for the business rather than cost the business money.

Creating a website to make money on the internet may seem simple and a task anyone can accomplish. In fact, it can be very do-able for those committed to doing it themselves, but there is a lot more involved than just throwing up a "good looking" website.

In my opinion, the best way to build a successful online business is to use the Solo Build It Business Building Program.  It's the program I have utilized for my own small scale business for nearly a decade now and I still haven't seen anything better for the purpose.

If you'd rather not be bothered with that side of the business, hire a Specialist who will ensure that your business site has all the ingredients for generating revenue.

If you don't have an offline business and just want to learn more about how to make online money, I would encourage you to read my article about how I create a home business using my computer

This particular article is geared more toward those who already have a small scale business offline and want to know how to make online money with that business, whether it is by reaching more customers for their products or service or whether they are looking to expand their business by adding income streams. 

Requirements of a good money-making website for a small scale business:

A website has to be built in such a way that when an Internet user clicks on the site, he finds it gripping enough and does not click away without placing an order or taking a desired action.

Getting clicks/visitors in the first place is the first half of the battle and converting those visits into actual sales or other types of money generating actions is the other half of the battle.  That's why I stress the fact that you need more than just a presentable and artistically designed website.

Some essentials of a good website that makes money on the internet include:

  • An appropriate website name is important since it must stick in a customer's mind. It must relate to the product or service in question so that the minute a customer thinks of the product, he thinks of your website.

  • A good landing page - This is the page which the customer sees when he clicks on the website link. It could be the home page or an appealing, specially designed landing page. It must have a low bounce rate (the rate at which customers click away from a website).

    The page must be appealing in design, be informative, and the credibility of facts stated must be beyond question. It must have precise appeal, that is, the customer must feel that this is the exact information he is looking for.

    Above all, the landing page must be easy to navigate and to take action - that is place an order, post queries, make payments, etc.

  • The website must be user friendly and informative, providing the user with all the information he needs in an easy manner.

  • Website pages must be reasonably short, simple and without excessively long explanations which can be boring for Internet users who generally have a short attention span.  How long exactly?  It's like a piece of string - make it as long as it needs to be and no longer.

  • A good business website must contain feedback from other customers so that the new customer finds the business successful with many satisfied customers. No one wishes to be the first customer, and be unsure of what they are getting.  Positive feedback or comments builds confidence in future customers and clients.

With an effective website to present your product or business to the world, you increase your potential profits considerably.  More and more people do their buying online, and even those who don't shop online, they do their research online to pinpoint what they are looking for in their region.  If you want business growth, you can't afford to be left behind.

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