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Inspiring sermons have been a big part of my life for almost as long as I can remember.

To me, the most inspiring sermons are those that convict me of my sin and challenge me to be more like Christ.

Because I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home, I've had the privilege of hearing some of the greatest preachers in America in my generation.

I've also had the opportunity to listen to or read some of the great sermons from men of God who have gone on before us.

As a young teenager I enjoyed traveling with my family to hear the late Dr. John R. Rice in those last few years before he went to heaven.

Although he was not as dynamic as perhaps he was in his youth, Dr. Rice still managed to preach inspiring sermons that challenged my heart to take prayer more seriously.

It was obvious that the Spirit of God was working in and through him as he delivered the truths of God's Word.

I'm not going to say that I have always loved all the preaching I've heard in my life. I've heard a LOT! If I am to be completely honest with you, I have to admit that some sermons I found quite dry and boring.

Sometimes the problem, no doubt, was that my own heart was not right with the Lord at the time I was listening. Sometimes the problem was surely that the preachers were perhaps not right with the Lord at the time of delivery. :)

I do love good preaching!

John Knox - inspiring sermons

I've heard inspiring sermons from men who were quite gifted speakers. They know how to "deliver" a sermon, hold the attention of the listener, and use their voice to great advantage.

Preachers like John Knox and Billy Sunday spring to mind, though I've not heard either in person, of course, though you CAN find some Billy Sunday preaching videos on Youtube, last time I checked.

I've also heard inspiring sermons from men who were more soft spoken, not very dynamic in their presentation, and spoke in a more monotone fashion. This was said of Jonathan Edwards, one of the preachers of the Great Awakening, who preached "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" in the mid 1700's.

This evidence has proven to me over the years that it's not so much the actual delivery of the sermon that makes it inspiring but rather the underlying truth being preached combined with the power of the Spirit of God working on both the speaker and the hearer.

My Favorite Preachers

I've had many favorite preachers over the years who have preached inspiring sermons that have helped me tremendously in my Christian growth. My absolute favorite preacher (and I really mean this) is my own husband, Don Berg.

To other people Don may or may not seem to be the most gifted speaker, but I hang on his every word when he preaches. Perhaps it is because of our close relationship. I know him so well, and so when he is sharing God's Word, I feel I can see his heart.

I can't ever remember feeling bored or disinterested when my husband is preaching. :) More often than not I feel the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart through his sermon illustrations and delivery of God's truths.

Some of my other favorite preachers of today and yesterday who have preached inspiring sermons that impacted my life:

  • Robert York - Ohio (my brother)
  • Brad Strand - Texas
  • Jerry Scott - Texas
  • Tom Williams - Indiana
  • Larry Brown - Iowa, deceased
  • Wendell Evans - Indiana
  • Bill McSpadden - Iowa
  • Curtis Hutson - Evangelist, deceased
  • John R. Rice - Evangelist, deceased
  • Jack Hyles - Indiana, deceased
  • Lee Roberson - Tennessee, deceased
  • Roy Thompson - Ohio, deceased

I'm sure there are many more preachers that God has used over the years to draw me closer to Him through the preaching of His Word. Those are just the first that come to my mind.

Perhaps I'll add more as I am reminded of them in the coming months, or as I talk more about the sermon illustrations, sermon outlines, and truths from Scripture that really spoke to my heart.

Inspiring Sermon Outlines

Speaking of inspiring sermon outlines and illustrations, I'm also going to interview my husband and write a couple of articles about how to write a sermon and keeping a sermon notebook.

I've even received his permission to share with you some of his Baptist sermon outlines for those of you looking for Baptist sermons free for you to use in your own sermon preparation.

I hope they will be a help and blessing to you as they have been to me over the years.

Do you have any favorite sermons or preachers that you'd like to mention that really helped you in your Christian life? Please feel free to share them with us.

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