Rejoice Thou Barren
God's Help In Dealing With Infertility


Rejoice Thou Barren tells our personal story of dealing with infertility and how God has taught us to rely on Him for strength and grace.

This book provides a challenge to women who have been blessed with children as well as comfort and encouragement to those who have not.

Coping with infertility is a heartache that never really goes away until you are blessed with a child. If you've never personally experienced the sorrow of infertility, you can't truly understand the pain that accompanies this challenge.

"...There are three things that are never satisfied,
yea, four things say not, It is enough: 
The grave; and the barren womb..."
Proverbs 30:15-16

Before I was married, I never dreamed that I would have any trouble at all conceiving a child. In fact, I'd dreamed and planned of having at least a dozen!

Even as a child, I thought of myself as a "wife and mother" type of person. To me, it was the highest calling to create a warm and wonderful home for my would-be husband and children, and to bring my children up to love and honor the Lord. I couldn't wait!

Little did I anticipate the surprise that God had in store for me and the lessons He intended to teach me through the sorrows of dealing with infertility.

After 14 years of marriage and dealing with infertility, my husband encouraged me to write Rejoice Thou Barren and share our growth of faith with others who were going through the same struggle.

"Every mother and every woman who wants to be a mother should read this book. Every couple who has struggled with not being able to have children should read and reread its pages.

Angie Berg has so vividly opened up her heart in this book. I have known the Bergs for many years and I know that Don and Angie are very much in love in spite of their difficulties. I have seen this dilemma of not being able to have children blow marriages all to pieces. In other marriages it has caused a very strained relation, though they stayed together.

I am thankful for Angie’s honesty. Though she has committed her barrenness to the Lord, she still longs for a baby. The Scripture says in Proverbs 30:16, the barren womb never says “enough.”

God bless you, Don and Angie, for surrendering to His will."

By: Dr. Tom Williams
President of Tom Williams Ministries

Have you ever thought about this?

What is it like to be a barren woman?  What is it like to long to be a mother with children of your own, and yet be unable to have your longing fulfilled?  To wonder how it feels to have your newborn miracle nursing at your breast and experience that special bond that only a mother can know?

How does a woman endure the knowledge that she may never have a little girl with her own pug nose and unmanageable hair, or a little boy who smiles and walks just like his daddy?   Who will she teach to sit like a lady?  Who will she train to hold open the doors?   Whose dirty hands will leave prints on her walls?  Whose smiles and giggles will brighten her days and make the daily tasks seem less bothersome to perform?  Who will she tuck into bed in the evening with kisses and hugs and goodnight prayers?

Does it hurt when her friends are all mothers with little ones?   Is it hard to sit in a group of ladies who are all telling stories about the antics of their own special treasures and know you are the only one with nothing to share?

Does she feel of less value as a woman because she has not been able to give her husband children to follow in his footsteps and carry on the family name?

I can't explain how other women have survived the heartache that comes with dealing with infertility, but by opening my heart in the pages of this book, I hope to encourage others who have felt this same emptiness.  Perhaps, too, I can inspire those who have been gifted with children to come to a greater appreciation of God's wonderful blessing in your little treasures.

I hope reading our story, Rejoice Thou Barren, will be a help and encouragement to you or someone you love who is coping with infertility.

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It is my sincere desire that through reading this book on dealing with infertility, you will be drawn closer to the Heavenly Father and strengthened and encouraged to trust His Sovereignty and Grace in your life.


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