Mothers Day Sermons

mothers day sermons

Are you looking for Mothers Day sermons ready-made for your Mother's Day message?

Well, you've come to the right place because I talked my husband into letting me share a few of the sermon outlines that he prepared for Mother's Day in years past.

In my experience, preachers tend to go in one of three directions when preparing their sermons for Mother's Day.

Some will preach "to the mothers" in the assembled congregation, admonishing them to be good mothers and giving them examples of good and bad traits of motherhood.

Others will preach to everyone else "about mothers," admonishing them on how to treat their wives and mothers, etc.

Finally, sometimes pastors will preach about women in general, trying to reach a broader audience, rather than just the moms.

I'm sure there are probably more approaches than that, but it seems most Mothers Day messages I've heard in my life fall into one of those three categories. :)

Keeping those observations in mind, I've chosen three of Don's sermons for Mother's Day for you, one in each of the above mentioned categories. Of course, these would be considered "Baptist" sermon outlines, but I'm sure they could be used for any Christian denomination. Here they are:

These Mother's Day sermon outlines can help save you time and give you a great place to start your sermon preparation. Use them as is, or refine them to suit your own congregation and needs.

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Each of the links will open up a pdf file that you can save, download, and/or print for your use. I'll also be adding other Baptist sermon outlines in the coming weeks and months, as time permits.

Don and I hope that they will be a blessing and help to you as you minister for our Lord.

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