Small Business Hosting Solutions

small business hosting solutions

Does it really make a difference which of the small business hosting solutions you choose when you start your online business?

Some people would say, "No. Just get one of the cheap small business web hosting packages available and don't worry about it."

I would have to disagree; strongly!

Although the location of the small business web hosting itself doesn't really have a big impact on your success or failure, the reliability of your web host is definitely vital.

You need a web hosting small business provider that provides excellent customer service, that has little to no "down time" where you website is not live on the internet, and one that isn't going to continue to charge you more and more as your business grows and prospers.

What Is Web Hosting?

Small business web hosting is simply the storage space on a hard disk somewhere that holds all of your website information and content as well as the bandwidth it takes to make that information available to internet users when they visit your website.

Some of the best web hosting companies will also offer a few free tools or resources to make building your website a little easier. They mainly advertise that you can get your site up quickly, easily, and cheaply.

That's all well and good, but if that's all you really do, you'll spend a lot of time and money trying to actually get your website found by the major search engines so you get some traffic to it.

The internet has advanced enough at this point that there are many reliable choices for basic business web host services. Think Bluehost, Hostgator, Wix, etc.

Deciphering Small Business Hosting Solutions

But before you make the decision to go with one of those popular business web hosting companies, let me add a few thoughts and suggestions for your consideration.

  • Using a "big name brand" webhosting service will not affect the success of your business.

  • Check the track record of other small businesses using their service. Are the majority successful?

  • Compare them point-by-point with my favorite hosting and business building company, Sitesell's Solo Build It.

Of course, Solo Build It is far more than one of the best small business hosting solutions on the market. Yes, they provide top of the line web hosting for small businesses, no doubt. But they provide SO MUCH MORE.

Solo Build It provides a proven process and a tech-free, complete set of site brainstorming, building, hosting and marketing tools.

Unless you are already a veteran at building successful and profitable online businesses, you need a combination that delivers prosperous, profitable businesses.

Sometimes I find it difficult to explain everything that this all-in-one Web hosting package includes. If you don't know what you need and the value of each individual resource, you may have difficulty appreciating the massive advantage you have at your fingertips. Instead, just take a look at the tools included all for one low price. It's all you need.

Failure is devastatingly expensive. Your time and money is lost forever. A web host alone cannot secure your online business success. Invest your time and effort and money in a proven business building program with excellent web hosting small business extras thrown in as a bonus.

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