Small Home Based Business Opportunity

small home based business opportunity

Small home based business opportunity options have multiplied phenomenally with the advent of the internet and the opening of global markets.

Internet marketing has become the easiest way to start a new business from home or expand a small business beyond your local and immediate region.

The emergence of internet marketing has effectively removed barriers and limits placed by geographical boundaries.

Small businesses have limitations of investment and manpower, but starting small is the safest way to begin any money making venture.

A small start minimizes risks and makes it easy to close shop if things go wrong. This also helps in having a wider spectrum of business opportunities available.

Another advantage of starting a small home based business is that the start-up costs can be incredibly low compared to starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business. 

I started my first home business for less than $30 per month ten years ago and amazingly, that small business opportunity is still available today for those with the willingness to put in the time and effort to follow a proven business-building process.

Small Business Opportunities

There are so many different options to choose from when you are considering small business opportunities online.

You can pursue options close to your offline field of work and expertise, or go in a completely different direction and create a small business with a favorite hobby or special interest like I did. 

I was blessed to find Solo Build It and used my love of chocolate to create a money-making website Chocolate Candy Mall.  Building a content rich website around a hobby or passion is still an incredibly inexpensive way to start a successful home based business, not to mention it's a lot of fun!

Some other business opportunities available for small businesses include:

  • Online retailing
  • Art and design expertise
  • Event management
  • Software development and consultancy
  • Online tutoring
  • Hospitality service
  • Online travel and tourism agency
  • Investment brokering and consultancy
  • Internet marketing
  • Internet and Small Business
  • Affiliate Marketing

The list is endless with most of them requiring little or no investment to start with. Net savvy people have started selling their expertise online and converting their talent into a lucrative business.

The software developer now finds he can market his products globally and have them compete with world leaders in his field like Microsoft and Oracle, as well as other small independent developers like himself.

The power of the Internet does not require a large office or establishment, since business can be conducted from the confines of the home, thereby reducing set-up costs even further.

The critical issue in effective global marketing of products and services on the Internet, is to make the global consumer aware of what you have to offer.  A successful website is a must to achieve that goal.

Effective Internet marketing helps to tap the billion and more potential customers, thousands of which will form your niche customer segment.

Always remember that you must utilize every tool you possibility can to ensure that your small home based business opportunity is a success. 

Use the Internet to Leverage Your
Small Home Based Business Opportunity

small business opportunities

The Internet offers great small home based business opportunity options and is the most effective and influential tool for communication and the one to yield the fastest results.

Having a website of your own that provides complete information on products and services on offer, is an essential first step.

Your website must be built in such a way that it will appear in the search results of web surfers seeking information about your particular niche. It should also be attractive and informative enough to hold the interest of the person who clicks on it.

When you meet this criteria, it becomes easier to convert a click/visit into a sale. Some of the benefits of the internet then, for small businesses are:

  • Effective communication method to reach out to millions of people.

  • Low cost marketing tool, in which costs do not multiply as more and more people are approached.

  • Helps to attract customers through promotions and discounts across multiple countries.

  • Helps to compete with the biggest and smallest competitors where size is immaterial.

  • The smallest business can challenge the world leading company simply by fulfilling the specific needs of clients.

  • Ideally suited for niche businesses where a highly specialized product or service is required by a very select clientele.

  • Helps to establish collaborations and partnerships with strangers and others in your field.

  • Helps to find the cheapest sources of raw materials.

  • Saves time with instant access to information, messages, and communicating with people.

The Internet has ushered in the reign of a virtual global marketplace where expertise and specialization hold more significance than size and scale of business.

This then ensures thousands of small business opportunities many of which fall into a niche segment to meet the requirements of very specific customers.

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