A Turnkey Web Site
An Effective Solution For Small Businesses?

turn key web site

What's your idea of a turnkey web site?

Turnkey generally refers to something that is complete and ready to use - whether it is a house, a business, a website, etc.

Many people are looking for turnkey business opportunities that will let them either start a home business or take their established local offline business online without a huge learning curve.

A turnkey home business is a great way to start if you have money to invest in having someone else do the grunt work for you. There is always work to be done to create any successful business, online or offline. It's just a matter of who does the work, you or someone else.

Some people get confused by the term turnkey business or turnkey website.

They somehow think that they are going to get a website that will magically start bringing in lots of visitors/customers/money, with little or no effort on their part.

This is particularly true of people who want to start out building a business online and they search the web for information.

It is easy to be deceived by slick sales pages that promise a quick and easy way to make money online in just hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Online marketers toss around the term turnkey home business or turnkey web site, when usually what they are referring to is a "cookie-cutter" site.  Some companies offer you a free or very low cost website, all set up and ready to go as part of their business package.

That sounds great, particularly to someone with no website building experience. What they don't tell you is that EVERYONE who buys into their package is getting the same exact website with the same exact content, products, etc. The only thing different will be the domain name ("cookie cutter").

These types of websites, although technically "turnkey," are virtually useless.  They will never get any traffic unless you drive the traffic to the site with paid advertising or a ton of social marketing, etc.

You might see an ad for a turnkey home business for moms who want to work from home.  Every single time I have discovered that the offer is just one more of those gimmicks that will lead to disappointment, disgust, and disillusion. 

Who Needs A Turnkey Web Site Solution?

If you're a small business owner that is looking to take your business online, either to extend your reach or simply to compete in your local market in a more modern and efficient way, you definitely need a business website.

If you don't have the time or desire to learn how to build a website yourself, then a turnkey web site solution is perfect for you.

Basically, what that means is that you pay someone else to set up a unique website around your particular business niche. You can probably even hire a local to do the job.

But let me caution you before you rush off and do just that! You want a website that is going to really meet your needs, not just "look great."

A successful business website needs to rank well in the search engines and bring in free targeted traffic (potential customers). There is a science to achieving this.

For this reason, you want to be sure that whoever you choose to build your website has the understanding and skill to not only build a fully functioning website, but also one that brings you traffic.

On the other hand, if you are someone who doesn't have much money to invest but does have time to invest (I'm thinking stay-at-home moms or dads here), you probably don't want a turnkey web site. 

For example, a good quality turnkey home business for moms who want to work at home is going to cost a pretty penny (over $2000), and even then you will still need to learn the ropes so that you can add to and grow your online business.

For that reason I would suggest that you skip the "turnkey" aspect of the business and learn from the ground up like I did using SBI to build your website and your business.  It's much more affordable (only $330 per year) and will serve you better in the long run. 

Give your business the full advantage of a website that WORKS!

Having said all that, if you are going to pay someone else to build a website for your business, you need a turnkey web site that will produce results and that will cause your products or services to "get found" online if you expect to have success with an internet business.

Most small-business sites only get traffic from off-line clients who already know you (or from expensive advertising like the yellow pages or pay-per-click).

In a nutshell, you need a website building service that can:

  • Increase your local profits
  • Decrease your expenses
  • Expand your customer base

Consider SiteSell Services before you choose to go anywhere else.   Although I've learned how to build and establish my own successful business websites using Sitesell's SBI (Solo Build It) program for those who want to do it themselves, Sitesell Service Professionals follow the same proven pattern for success so their clients get a website that works for them. 

The benefits of using Sitesell Services are significant...

  1. They keep their packages affordable.

  2. They have Specialists that work efficiently, using the powerful combination of a proven process and a comprehensive suite of advanced Solo Build It tools.

  3. They do the brainstorming and keyword research for you to get your own unique turnkey internet business started on the right foot.

  4. They provide you with all the tools, research, and information to enable you to keep things moving in the right direction once you take the reins of your own SBI business website.

It's time to give your business the full advantage of a Web site that works. Solo Build It's unique SiteSell Services is your turnkey Internet business solution.

Let trained experts build your turnkey internet business site for your online business. It will put you one step ahead of your competitors. Have Questions?

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