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business internet marketing opportunity

The right business internet marketing opportunity can make a world of difference between the success or failure of your online venture.  Obviously, we all want success!

I have heard many experts saying that internet marketing for local business owners is not as hard as it seems.  I can see their point in some ways (now that I've learned how to build an online business correctly), but I don't completely agree. 

The whole process can seem completely overwhelming, especially when you are making your first tentative steps into the world of internet marketing.

Online marketing can be quite confusing when you are just beginning. There are a number of concepts and techniques that differ from starting an offline business, so making the transition can be a challenge.

I still remember well the feelings I experienced when I first decided to take on the challenge and began researching how to start a small internet business.

I literally felt like I was learning a new language!

I didn't have an offline business that I was planning to take online, but the basic principles of internet marketing for small business are about the same whether you are starting a brand new business or bringing an existing business online.

There is plenty to learn and far too many conflicting sources of information that makes unraveling the facts from the fiction a bit tricky. I felt like I was going in circles before I finally located what turned out to be an extremely reliable and proven business building program for online success.

There are several ways to do Internet marketing for your business but business only develops if:

  • if you have prepared well.
  • if you attract customers.
  • if you provide value, and
  • If you monetize effectively.

The first and the most important action, before you even start thinking about Internet marketing, is to decide on your small business niche.

If you already have a business you are bringing online, you may be able to tick that step off the list quickly and easily.

On the other hand, if you are like I was and not quite sure which direction you want to go, let me give you a few important tips. First of all, choose a subject that you love and/or know a lot about.  The best business internet marketing opportunity will be one that revolves around you and your interests.

Trust me! Enjoying your subject matter will make the entire experience a joy rather than drudgery. You'll find that you can't wait to get back to work because you're having so much fun. How's that for a change?

Crucial Steps
For Any Business Internet Marketing Opportunity...

  1. The first step to any successful business internet marketing opportunity is a high quality website. Without a website, your business has no web presence. You need to build (or have built for you) a website, but not just any kind of site.

    You need a website designed to attract targeted visitors that make up your target market. To build a high value website you have to follow a specific site building process. To do that properly, you'll want the right set of site building tools that will make the process as simple and do-able as possible.

  2. Once you have built a website correctly, the next step will be submitting your website to Search Engines. One of the benefits of Sitesell's Solo Build It, the program I use to build and host my sites, is that they talk you through your first search engine submission and then take care of it for you after that - for every single page you build. One less thing I have to be bothered with.

  3. Once your foundation is laid and you have a number of pages up on your site the next key to building long-term traffic is to get as many relevant links pointing to your site from external sites as possible.

    A good way to accomplish this is to participate in a variety of high value link exchanges. Of course, you don't want to just partner with any site. You should always check to make sure any website you link to is also providing quality information that is related to your site's theme and of benefit to your own visitors.

    You'll eventually diversify and gradually develop a variety of links to your site from different sources beyond those initial value link exchanges. The more quality links you have pointing to you. The more authority your site will gain and the higher you will find yourself in the search engine rankings. This is a part of internet marketing for small business shouldn't be ignored.

  4. Although not absolutely essential, email marketing is another important and beneficial step in internet marketing for small business owners. By creating a list of people who are already interested in your specific site topic, you expand your potential for success by leaps and bounds.

    Your list must be built via an opt in form that customers fill out when they visit your site via an e-zine or newsletter sign-up or by offering access to a free report or something similar in exchange for their email address. You must always have permission to send emails to them to prevent accusations of spamming.

    It's important that your web hosting includes email marketing as a part of your package deal. Of course, it is included in Solo Build It, but if you use another web host and/or site building program, don't forget about that inclusion.

Social networking is a great way to get in some free marketing. Social marketing users are often looking for valuable information. Since your pages will provide exactly that, people will like them. If they think your pages are worth sharing, they'll bookmark and tag them for others to find and use.

Do keep in mind that social networking should not be the main focus of any business internet marketing opportunity, but just one of a few external "extras" that can benefit and help grow your business. You always want to to keep the "main thing" as the "main thing." Quality content!

If you keep it real and provide real value to searchers, and if you do not abuse these resources, there will be some nice rewards. You will experience an eventual snowball effect that will help more people find your pages and grow your business base. Online marketing is definitely the best opportunity for individuals to have small business success that has come along in a very long time.  

Don't waste this business internet marketing opportunity!

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