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If you've been looking for a home based business home income opportunity, that's what we're talking about in this section.

We've already mentioned some basic home business start ups that you can consider, but there's always room for more.

Not every business concept or method is going to be right for each person. I want to help you find what is best for YOU.

Here are some of the most common home based business home income opportunity options that are actually legitimate...

  • Affiliate Marketing - This is earning commissions by referring other people's products.

  • Direct Marketing - Commonly known as MLM/Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing, this can be a bit tough if you are trying to succeed completely offline. There IS a right way and a wrong way to build this type of home business.

  • Selling Your Own Products - You can sell hardgoods, digital products like ebooks, or even how-to videos, etc.

  • Selling A Service - If you have a service to offer either online or offline, you can create a home based business home income opportunity and promote that service on the web.

  • Freelance Work - Really, this is just another way of working for others from home, but at least you would still have some measure of independence.

  • Combination of two or more of the above - quite often the wisest choice in the long run.

So, you can see that there ARE options available to you. The question is what is going to suit you best? Most of those home based business home income opportunity options are primarily geared toward online marketing, but you don't have to have an online business.

If you'd rather do something offline, perhaps you can start something as simple as creating your own custom party favor business.  This is just an example of how you could go about it.

Starting A Custom Party Favor Business

Have you ever seen those personalized candy bar wrappers that make lovely party favors for almost any occasion?

They're cute, inexpensive, and tasty. How many people DON'T love candy bars?

With very little start-up costs, you can develop your own custom party favor business. You'd need a computer, a decent printer, paper, and double-sided tape.

home based business home income opportunity

Your biggest expense would be your printer ink. Be sure to allow for that cost when determining your prices.  However, these days you can invest in a more expensive eco printer and the ink is sooo affordable!  This is much more economical in the long run.

How would you get customers? Of course, you could sell your services online by building a website or selling on Chocolate Candy Mall, or on eBay, but if staying offline is your goal, you still need to find your "target audience."

This means you ask yourself, "Who would want personalized candy bar wrappers?"

People celebrating a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, graduation, promotion, or house warming, just to name a few.

You can also offer your services to local clubs and businesses. It's an inexpensive way for groups or companies to advertise and leave a lasting impression.

And then you have all the major (and minor) holidays to consider. A simple but personalized party favor for a holiday gathering will make the occasion even more memorable for the guests.

Getting the Message Out!

Is your mind churning with ideas yet? If so, you need to consider how you would advertise yourself or 'get the message out' about your business.

You could make fliers and post them on the local community bulletin boards at shopping centers and the library.Pass some out at the local public schools. You could even ask the school to include your information in the school newsletter.

Make a neat notebook with a sampling of your options and approach some of the local businesses and rotary clubs, etc.

Once you get the ball rolling and start filling orders, hopefully people will like the clever idea and it will lead to more business.

Would you be able to "make a living" with a custom party favor business? I don't know! But wouldn't it be fun to try? It may only ever be "extra income" for you, but maybe that's all you're looking for?

You may be thinking, "Angie, I wouldn't have a clue how to make personalized candy bar wrappers!" That's okay, I wouldn't either! :-) Fortunately, there are people who are more clever than I am when it comes to graphic design and creating templates.

Just check out the amazing design artists at Creative Fabrica.  I have used many of the designs they have available for different projects I've created.  You can even request a design if they don't have what you are looking for.

I hope that if you decide to give it a try, you'll keep me posted with your progress.

Well, this home based business home income opportunity may not be even remotely what you are looking for. That's okay. Don't be discouraged. Use this idea to get your creative juices flowing.

There are plenty more good ideas and opportunities available. If you are having trouble finding what you're looking for, feel free to send me a note and describe what you have in mind. I'm more than happy to toss ideas around with you and help point you in the right direction.

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