Global Internet Marketing

global internet marketing

Global Internet marketing for small businesses or individuals entails a wide range of opportunities for global solutions.

This is especially seen in terms of internet capability to reach new customers and promote products or services to clients or customers from around the world.

The Internet has become the ultimate solution for small businesses wanting to take the leap from local and restricted markets to state-wide, country-wide, and even global markets. 

Global internet marketing has also made it possible for individuals like me to develop an online income with very little start up expenses even though I am not able to cater to a local demographic due to my circumstances.

My life revolves around our mission work.  That has always been and always will be my main priority, right behind my husband (who is always number one with me!).  :) 

However, because we were never blessed with children, I do have a little extra time on my hands that I wanted to use constructively to not only help others, but also generate some additional financial support for our personal needs and desires.

By studying internet marketing books and resources, I learned of the various opportunities available to those interested in and willing to utilize the growing online marketplace. 

Even without my own products or services to sell, and my admittedly limited time and money to invest, I have been successful in building an online income stream that has been a great blessing to us for several years using online solutions.

These important global internet marketing solutions for individuals or small businesses include the use of websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing.

A Well-built Quality Website
The Secret to Global Internet Marketing Success

global internet marketing solutions

An internet presence for your business...

There are few small businesses today that don't have a website. More and more people are using the internet to search for and find the information or solutions they need.

Today almost 96% of the Americans who are interested in making a purchase look to the internet to locate the products or services they are after.

There are many small businesses owners who still do not understand the power of the internet in generating sales to grow their business bottom line.

These business owners do not realize that by having a well made business website, they will open up the opportunities for global web marketing that are available. The leads and sales that can be generated are significantly increased.

By entering the realm of global internet marketing, many businesses have even turned away from bricks and mortar stores becoming conscious of the huge opportunities to do business online. Whether you want to stay local or go global, you will enhance and enrich your business by establishing a solid web presence.

Please note: Just "having a website" won't do these days. You need to have a website that will be found in the search engines by your potential customers/clients because it has been built to do just that.

A successful website is the easiest way for potential buyers to find you and your products. Having an internet presence will allow your clients, and potential clients, to get in touch with you and the information you have to offer anytime of the day.

However, creating your own web site requires some work such as design, hosting, search engine marketing and regular updates. If you want an online presence for your small business, but have no desire to do the work yourself, there are people who can help you.

Hire one of the Sitesell Services Specialists to get your website up and running, with the confidence and assurance that it will be done right. Experienced and successful webmasters will lay the ground work for you, and if you like, continue to make updates as needed to expand and grow your online business.

If at any time you want transition to doing it yourself, they'll provide you with exact, easy-to-follow, instructions to allow you to transition with little difficulty.

Online Internet Marketing Blog

Blog marketing has become a very popular tool that has been used for both personal and business purposes. As a global internet marketing solution, a blog can become part of a well thought out campaign that can add to your business presence by building and enhancing relationships with customers and clients locally and around the world.

Don't make the mistake of making an online internet marketing blog your main focus, but use it to complement a well-built quality website. They will work together like a hand and glove to reach your target audience.

Your blog can be used to keep your customers and associates up to date with the business day to day news, latest ventures and events to come.

You may even use your blog to promote special, time-sensitive, sales or coupons that you won't want as part of your main site content, but you DO want to make available for a limited time.

This type of effort will allow you to stay in touch with your customers by providing them necessary information about your business and related to your products that would help to further improve the business relationship and general goodwill.

Many top businesses and companies take advantage of blog marketing to engage with their online visitors.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become all the rage in the last couple of years. There is definitely potential for promoting your business using social media, although I do have to admit that I personally don't utilize it much as one of my own global internet marketing tools.  Frankly, I just don't have the time!  :)

However, it's true that with social media you can interact with others globally in a way that wasn't quite possible before. This may be through social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, where you can visit with friends and acquaintances. Or it could be through social bookmarking services, like StumbleUpon, Yahoo!, Buzz, and Delicious, where people bookmark web pages they like and share them with other users of the same service.  Pinterest is the latest craze and has also become quite popular as a social media tool.

Social media is an approach that allows groups to create content that they share a mutual interest in and then make it available to others. Social media marketing in global internet marketing is about leveraging those sites to find and keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

Beyond the added credibility of tags, comments and shared links, participating in top social media sites gives your site more "brand recognition" and can provide additional benefits to your website linking strategy.

Email Marketing Extends Your Global Internet Marketing Reach

Building an email list can be one of the most important things you can do to improve the success of your online business. There are many different tactics, and it's important that you comply with all laws and regulations as well as other established best practices.

It's not necessarily the size of an email list that matters, but how qualified and interested the people are that are on your list.

Email lists should focus on quality over quantity. Don't forget that your email list will depend of the content quality of your website. Only if you follow the right process of Content - Traffic - Preselling - Monetize, can you expect a long and constantly growing quality email list that will greatly enhance your global internet marketing efforts.

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