Cream Filled Chocolate Candy
Dreamy Creamy Taste Sensations

strawberry cream filled chocolate candy

I have always adored cream filled chocolate candy.

Like a lot of kids, I would squish the bottoms of every chocolate in the box to find my favorite flavors.

I was always searching for the cream filled chocolates!

I especially love chocolates with strawberry or raspberry filling. Okay, okay, maple is pretty high up on the list, too.

When a friend wants to bless or encourage me, they will often turn up with a gift of cream filled chocolates.  They know me so well! 

If you want to treat someone special in your life to cream filled chocolate candy, there's a good selection right here on Amazon.

Make your own cream filled chocolate candy!

You can easily make your own cream filled chocolates, and I'm going to give you some step-by-step instructions below, as well as some yummy recipes to help you get started.

There are shortcuts you can take, if you're in a hurry or just a bit unsure about doing it all "from scratch." I'll get into all that as well.

I absolutely love the fact that these days you can purchase all one flavor if you like. That way I get to choose exactly which chocolates I want!! Finally, someone who KNOWS me. I hate having to squish my chocolates first to see if it's going to be one I'll like.

Of course, like I said earlier, you don't just have to buy delicious cream filled chocolate candy. I know it is a bit pricey sometimes to order your own gourmet chocolates. (Although, I think we each deserve to splurge every now and then, don't you?

You can make your own homemade candy just the way you like them. It's a lot easier than you are probably imagining.

First you have to make a few decisions about how you want to make and fill your candy. Once you have chosen a fondant recipe for cream filled chocolate candy, or perhaps liquor filled chocolate candy you will have to temper the chocolate if you want the absolute best results.

I'll be honest. I rarely ever temper. I'm not selling them, so I don't go to the trouble for just me and my family and friends. It's time I can spend doing other things (like licking the bowl) since it doesn't really affect the taste.

After you've made those important decisions, you can follow these easy, but fun, steps to creating your own homemade cream filled candy.

Cream Filling Shortcut!

If you want to cheat a bit on the filling, I discovered a scrumptious selection of pre-packaged creme filling flavors in decorating bags ready to squeeze into the molds.  The brand name is Squeeze-ums. 

What a time saver!

how to mold

Step 1

Spoon a small amount (about 1/2 tsp.) of tempered chocolate into the bottom of the mold and spread it up the sides using a pastry brush or small art brush depending on the size of the mold. You can even start with a bit of colored chocolate as shown in the photo, to give it that extra eye appeal. Chill until firm.

Be sure to use enough chocolate on the sides to make a decent shell for your filling. Some recipes recommend that you brush on a second layer after the first layer has set. Just use your judgment.

These and over 2000 other molds can be found on Amazon, along with multi colored chocolate melts. They have just about everything you can think of. :)

Cream Filled Chocolate Candy Mold

Step 2

Carefully spoon your chosen flavored filling into each shell until almost full.

Step 3

Spoon enough tempered chocolate over the top to cover it well. Tap the molds on the counter gently to remove air bubbles. Chill until firm.

Step 4

Turn the molds over to release the candies. Enjoy!

Note: Tempering chocolate for cream filled chocolate candy can be a bit fiddly, but the end results are, oh, so good. Your family, friends, and guests will really be impressed... ...that is, if you don't eat them all yourself!

Show off your homemade cream filled chocolate candy by uploading your photos and telling us what you made and how you made it. We'd all love to drool a bit!

Designed A Chocolate Candy Mold Creation?

What kind of chocolate candy molds have you used? Do you have a favorite brand? Any special secret tips for success in molding chocolate candy? Got a masterpiece you are just dying to show off? Even disasters can be great fun to share!

Well, don't be shy or stingy! We are dying to see it, too. Use the form below to tell us about your chocolate candy making mold experiences. Chocolate lovers from around the world will thank you!

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