Chocolate Christmas Candy
and other festive treats!

Chocolate Christmas Candy

Chocolate Christmas candy is one of the delights that adds to the Christmas season in a special way. 

Chocolate is my favorite food, and Christmas is my favorite holiday.  Put them together and you can hardly go wrong. 

Okay, so maybe chocolate isn't officially a food group, but good chocolate tastes so wonderful that I like to count it anyway. 

I always enjoy giving and receiving chocolate around the holidays (or any time of year, to be completely honest).  Chocolate is the type of gift that is almost always well received.

When you take the time to make Christmas treats, your gift becomes even more special to the person receiving them.  I'm going to share with you some of my favorite Christmas recipes and ideas that might inspire you to make that extra effort and bless someone special in your life.

Chocolate Christmas Candy & Other Recipes


Growing up in the north in the United States, we almost always had a white Christmas. I loved it! 

There is something about a white Christmas that adds to the spirit of the season for me.  Sipping on hot cocoa while sitting around the log fire and watching through the window as the white flakes gently fall, is a precious memory that I cherish. 

Since 1997, my husband and I have been serving as missionaries in the tropics of Australia.  No white Christmases for us!  The heat and humidity of an Aussie summer makes it challenging to get into the Christmas spirit from my perspective.  Holiday baking and candy making can help.

I have some favorite homemade Christmas candy recipes that seem to do the trick year after year, plus new recipes I discover as each year passes. I'll begin adding these over the next couple of weeks, and I hope you'll add some of your favorites, too.

Buy Chocolate Christmas Candy Online


Living so far from my family, I still like to treat them to some chocolate Christmas candy, delicious cookie treats, or other fun Christmas treats.  

Unfortunately, my creative efforts would never survive the journey from Australia to America in any kind of style or decent time frame.  

Instead, I've resorted to ordering goodies online for my friends and family on special occasions.  I usually go with Amazon because of the fast shipping and return policy. 

Chocolate Christmas Candy Gift Presentation Ideas


Here are some creative ideas that make presenting your homemade chocolate Christmas candy, cookies, and other treats extra special and fun and unique... 

  • Collect pretty tins to use for giving gifts of chocolate Christmas candy. Line the tins with foil and layer chocolates between sheets of waxed paper.

  • Spray the outside of an egg carton with red, green, gold, or silver paint. Using tissue paper, line each section inside and drop in a piece of homemade chocolate Christmas candy. Decorate with a festive bow.

  • Keep your eyes open for pretty candy dishes throughout the year. If you are like me and can't afford to buy a bunch of brand new ones, look at garage sales, second hand shops, or even in the back of your own cupboards.

    Fill the dish with homemade candies, wrap with cellophane, and tie with ribbon. These special dishes make lovely gifts that can be used even after your chocolate gift is long gone.

  • Red or green plastic picnic plates can be prettied up with a paper doily and a selection of your homemade chocolate Christmas candy. These are nice to take along when you are invited out as a guest at someone else's house during the holiday season.

  • Get a group of ladies from your church or club to sign up for a Chocolate Christmas Candy & Cookie Exchange. Each person makes a different recipe and prepares a small plate for each lady on the list. This is especially fun because it will enable you to try a variety of new Christmas candy and cookies with a lot less effort. Don't forget to ask each lady to include a copy of the recipe with each plate. Who knows, you may discover the treasure of a new favorite.

I hope these ideas have started to get you thinking and excited about giving this holiday season.  No doubt you will be a blessing to someone and really make their day.

Please allow me to wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas this year. Don't forget to take time to think of Jesus Christ and His wonderful gift to us during this lovely holiday season.

I am so grateful that He came to this earth to provide Salvation through His own death, burial, and resurrection. May the true spirit of Christmas give you joy and peace. 


Share your Favorite Christmas Recipes and ideas!

Do you have any tried and true homemade Christmas recipes? I'd love to give them a try! From one sweet tooth to another, "Hand 'em over!"

Maybe you'd just like to tell us about an amazingly delicious treat you tasted and never forgot, or a clever gift idea or Christmas activity. I'm all ears. Do tell...

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