A Poem For Mom

Poem For Mom

This poem for mom is a bit unusual because I wrote it about her after the Lord took her to heaven 3 years ago. 

Margaret York, that's my mom, was truly the best mom in the world.  Yes, I'm biased, but I'm not the only one that felt that way about her.

She was such a godly woman, full of wisdom, love, and words of encouragement for anyone who needed her.   It didn't matter the age, gender, or race, my mom was open-hearted and always willing to help and counsel anyone at all.

I learned so much of her wisdom while listening to her counsel others.  Of course, she was my own sweet counselor all of my years and I treasured her opinion above all others.   What a woman!

When the Lord decided to take my precious mother to heaven on January 25, 2010, we had a wonderful memorial service for her where so many of the people whose lives she had touched came and spoke of how much she meant to them. 

Of course, during the days following her death we received so many calls of sympathy and kindness.  The phrase that I heard more often than any other was, "She was like a mom to me."   I knew just what they meant, and I didn't begrudge them the sentiment no matter how my own heart was grieving at my great loss. 

I know that their words were a precious testament to the wonderful godly woman that she was.  The Lord gave me this poem for mom that I wrote during those days and then read at her memorial service.  I'd like to share it with you now. 

"She Was Like A Mom To Me"

"She was like a mom to me,"
Is ringing in my ears.

I've heard so many say it
As I smiled through my tears.

I know just what they're saying.
I know just how they feel.
Our mother mothered everyone.
Her love was genuine and real.

A mother loves without reserve.
She's quick to hug and praise.
She's also quick to make you walk
The straight and narrow ways.

It mattered not their age or place
Or whether black or white.
Her wisdom counseled many
As she guided them toward right.

A listening ear, a firm rebuke,
Some sage advice or prayer;
You knew when you called Mother
You'd find your need met there.

God's love was in our mother.
It led us to His Light.
Living to please Jesus
Was her prayer and her delight

She may not have been your "real" mom,
But in God's family,
I'm glad that you can truly say,
"She was like a mom to me."

~ Angie York Berg

I hope this little poem for mom that the Lord gave me will encourage you and bless you, too. 

She truly was the best mom in the world and I miss her so much.  I'm so thankful that I know I'll see her again one day in the kingdom of heaven.  I hope you share that same confidence and hope for your own loved ones. 

God hasn't blessed me with any children of my own, but I do hope that He will use me in some small way to love and guide others like my own mother did and that perhaps someone will think of me at my time of departure in a similar way and say, "She was like a mom to me." 


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