Journaling Topics
To Help Start Your Spiritual Journaling

journaling topics

Are you looking for journaling topics to help you get started with your own Christian journal?

Maybe you've already been doing some spiritual journaling in the past but need some fresh and creative ideas to get you out of a journaling rut.

Hopefully some of our personal journaling ideas will be just what you're looking for to inspire you to get into the right frame of mind and fan your enthusiasm into a flame of inspiration.

I've already covered the basic subject of how to write a journal and provided some simple journal writing ideas, but I want to cover some journaling topics a little more in depth. So, without further ado...

  • Names of God - Study the various names of God throughout the Scriptures. What do the names mean and how do they reflect God's character and His dealings with man?

    This study can bring you a unique closeness with the Savior that will be a treasure to you for the rest of your life.

  • Spiritual Riches - What intangible riches do we have as children of the King? Study and record your thoughts on spiritual assets like joy, hope, grace, comfort, eternal security, forgiveness, fellowship with other believers, peace, etc.

    There are many Scriptures on each of these blessings and you can spend days or weeks discovering and meditating on each one.

  • Spiritual Gifts - Study Romans 11-12 and I Corinthians 12-14 (for starters) and learn about the various spiritual gifts. Which of these gifts do you already possess? How can you develop your spiritual gifts and gain even more of them in your life?

  • Healing Scriptures - If you or those you love are struggling with health concerns, consider starting your Christian journal by searching out all of the Scriptures about healing.

  • Parables of Jesus - The Lord Jesus told so many parables while He was here on the earth. Each one holds multiple lessons that He wanted us to learn about spiritual truths. Study the four Gospels and record in your journal the lessons He was teaching and how you can apply them to your own daily life.

  • Scriptures to Women (or men) - One of my favorite spiritual journaling experiences was when I searched out the Scriptures that were specifically TO or ABOUT women. I recorded them along with my thoughts about what I felt the Holy Spirit was teaching me through each passage.

    These devotional thoughts eventually turned into my devotional book Daughters of Sarah which may be helpful to you as a journal companion if you want to use this particular journal topic.

I hope these journaling topics give you a great place to start. Don't stress over what subject to begin with, just begin! Once you begin, spiritual journaling will get easier and easier as you get into a natural flow.

Here are a few lovely journals to choose from to help you get started...

Share Your Christian Journal Ideas Or Experiences

Have you kept a Christian journal in the past or perhaps are journaling even now? How has the experience inspired you and helped you draw closer to the Lord? Tell us all about it and share your favorite journaling ideas.

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