Jesus' Tomb Is Empty!

Jesus tomb is empty

Imagine you were one of the women who discovered Jesus tomb empty, and with the stone rolled away!

What must that experience have been like for those faithful women who loved the Savior and were grieving at His brutal crucifixion just three days before?

They were coming to the tomb with their perfumes and spices and their desire to show a final act of love toward the One Who had grown so dear to them.

These were women just like you and me. As they made their way to the garden tomb, they discussed the dilemma of how in the world they were going to roll away the stone so that they could anoint the body with their scented gifts.

What a gamut of emotions that they went through in such a short amount of time. You'll find the story in Luke 24.

I can just imagine their startled reaction when they drew close enough to see that the stone was rolled away. It was early. Who could have beat them to the grave?

As they drew closer, they peered inside only to find that Jesus' body was gone. Now they were confused! In fact, the Bible says that they were "perplexed."

That feeling quickly turned to fear when they were suddenly joined in Jesus tomb by two angelic beings. The angels gave them the most wonderful news of all time...

"He is not here, but is risen:"

Jesus tomb is empty

Once the angels reminded them of what Jesus had told them about how He would be crucified and then rise again, they remembered and raced back to tell the disciples the great news.

Now, I can picture them walking as quickly as possible, chattering the whole way, discussing the possibilities and questions that would be racing through their mind.

Where is He now? Will we see Him again? What are the guys going to say when we tell them the news?

They excitedly told their story to the eleven disciples and the rest of Jesus' followers. Do you remember their reaction?

They didn't believe the ladies. It was as though they were telling "idle tales." Ugh! I hate when that happens.

As a Christian woman and follower of Jesus myself, I have shared the good news (Gospel) of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ with thousands of people in my life. Thankfully, some believe.

But I know very well the feeling that these women experienced when they weren't believed. So many people react like I'm telling idle tales, too. How much worse for them, though, as they were eye witnesses of these amazing events!

Of course, the others eventually came around when they saw Jesus tomb, empty and with the grave clothes neatly folded and left behind. Even more believed when they saw Jesus repeatedly over the next 40 days.

Jesus Is Risen!

How does the fact that Jesus is risen affect us on a personal level? Jesus' resurrection is absolutely essential for our own hope of eternal life!

I Corinthians 15:17-19
And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain;
ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ
are perished. If in this life only we have hope in Christ,
we are of all men most miserable.

The emptiness of Jesus tomb, is our hope that our own grave is not our final resting place! My own dear mother died in January, 2010. I have a natural sense of grief at my loss, but I don't despair. I know that because Jesus is alive, my mother is alive also and I will see her again one day because of our faith in what Jesus did for us.

Jesus shed His own innocent blood to cover our sins. He died in our place. When God raised Him from the dead, the work of paying for our sin was finished. All we have to do is believe.

Do you believe that Jesus is risen? That he died for your sins and rose again for you? I hope so. If you need to know and understand more, read my own story when I asked the question, "How can I go to heaven?"

The emptiness of Jesus tomb is cause for rejoicing and celebration for all those who believe. I hope YOU will become a believer and share in our joy.

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