God's Purpose for Woman

It's hard to believe that it has been more than 15 years since I wrote the book, Daughters of Sarah. 

While it is still available for purchase in it's original paperback and digital form, I wanted to make it available here on my website for free.  I hope that you will be encouraged and blessed by these devotional thoughts of mine.

As you begin to read, ask yourself the questions...  What's the real difference between men and women? Do they have a different design and a different purpose?

Let's look at the Word of God and find out what He has to say about his original design and intent. 

God's Purpose for Woman
Daughters of Sarah - Chapter 1

And the LORD God said,
It is not good that the man should be alone;
I will make him an help meet for him.
- Genesis 2:18

From the very beginning of time and Scripture we can identify a difference between the plan God designed for men and the plan He designed for women.

When we get a true understanding of this initial concept, it will change the way we look at ourselves and the role God has for us to perform in our daily lives.

Woman was not created to care for the garden or name the animals. Originally, we were not even created to have fellowship with God. Our predominant purpose was to fill a need that man had.

Having looked at His creation, God decided that it was not a good thing that the man was alone. In His wisdom, He knew that man needed a helper that was suitable (meet) for him. How special that God chose to make woman out of the very essence of the man! 

God could have spoken into existence a woman or formed another clump of dust into a human figure, but instead he chose to put Adam to sleep and remove one of his ribs to be the basis for the creation of woman.

The Bible does not relate the significance of this act, but I can’t help feeling that it is all part of the closeness that God had in mind for the relationship between a man and his wife.
  It is tragic that we have allowed Satan to corrupt the concept that God designed as beautiful and ideal.

Just as the rest of creation was made to fulfill specific roles in the universe (the sun to shine by day, the moon to shine by night, etc.) so, too, was man and woman made to fulfill specific roles.

Sadly, many women look at the natural role that God designed for woman, that of being a suitable helper to man, as a degrading and humiliating position. As faithful believing women, we must refuse to allow that perception to be a part of our makeup. It is necessary for us to hold up God’s original plan and purpose as beautiful and right like God intended.

In ever increasing numbers, women have been seek
ing leadership roles throughout the world. Whether in business, politics, military, or even religion, more and more women are taking on the occupations and responsibilities that God specifically designated to men.

Because women are very good at fulfilling these roles, they are persuaded that it is right for them to do so.
I believe the Evil One is laughing up his sleeve at how easily he has manipulated us in order to ruin God’s divine plan. He is using God’s own creation to mock his Maker.

I am determined to fight against allowing Satan to have this victory in my life.
No matter what the world would lead us to believe, there is nothing more beautiful and honoring to God than a creature fulfilling the purpose for which the Creator designed it.

There is nothing else in this universe able to meet the needs of a man.  Woman alone was created with the ability to do so. What an honor to be so chosen and so designed.

My Prayer...


Thank You for choosing to make me a woman. Help me to remember that You designed me for a specific task. Fill my heart with joy in knowing that no one else can do the job You created me to do. Guard me from the influences of those who would demean Your beautiful design and purpose. Give me the strength and humility to be all that my husband needs me to be for Your sake.

Love, Angie

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