Our Organization

Angie’s Angels comprises a dedicated team of abandoned money professionals based in Delaware. If you've recently received a call or correspondence from us, it's because we've identified funds currently held by the government that may rightfully belong to you.

Our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of government agencies across all states. When it comes to retrieving funds held by these agencies, we understand the intricacies involved. Given that there's a time limit before the government can potentially retain your funds, having professionals on your side is crucial.


Our Mission

We recognize that, if not claimed within a specified timeframe, funds can escheat to the holding agency, making them irretrievable. Your money is yours, and the government shouldn't have the authority to claim it.

Our mission is to ensure that such a scenario never occurs. Through thorough audits of government files and documents, we diligently locate these unclaimed funds, making it our personal mission to reunite them with their rightful owners.

Our Vision

Imagine reclaiming the funds we've identified for you – a welcome and unexpected windfall. In today's economy, everyone can find a purpose for extra funds, and we want to ensure the government doesn't end up with additional money that they have no honest claim to.

We invite you to consider the possibilities and get in touch with us at your convenience. Reclaiming what's yours is not just a financial gain but a testament to our commitment to ensuring fairness in the handling of unclaimed funds. Let's work together to secure the funds that legitimately belong to you.

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  • Angie's Angels

    Angie's Angels research to uncover excess and unclaimed funds that the government owes private citizens and work hard to get people their money back.

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