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Simply Angie, -- God Is So Good, Isn't He?
March 06, 2009

God Is So Good, Isn't He?


God is so good to me that I just had to take a minute and give Him a bit of praise for all of His blessings to me lately! I hope you don't mind. In fact, I hope you'll rejoice along with me.

The Lord is good all the time, even when we don't really notice or appreciate Him, but sometimes God's blessings are so overwhelming that it feels like a great big hug.

Where should I start? It seems every time I turn around God is showering down some new blessing!

First of all, Don and I are preparing to head back to the US for a furlough. We've been in Australia for 12 years now, and I'm soooo looking forward to a lovely visit with my family.

With the US dollar not doing so well these days, our missionary dollars have been stretched a bit tight. We were hoping and praying to be able to get our airline tickets at a discount.

Blessing #1 We received an email from a dear lady in Arizona who we met only once. She told us that she had a bunch of frequent-flyer miles that she would like to give us to use toward our flights.

To be honest, I didn't think you were able to share them with non-family members, but God knows what He's doing, of course. Not only can we use the points, but there are enough for both of us to fly back to the States for free!

We are so very grateful that our friend allowed God to use her to bless us in such an amazing way. I just know He has something very special planned for her in return.

Blessing #2 Some of you may have looked at my Home Computer Work page and read about the various websites I've been working on to earn some extra income.

Well, on my Inner Health site I recommend some natural products through the AIM/Barley Life Company. Although I've been a natural health advocate for years, I've only been affiliated with this company since January 2008.

In spite of that, through my website, I was able to do well enough that I've won an all expense paid trip for 2 for Don and I to Melbourne, Australia, this May. Not only is that going to be a lovely treat for us both, but it "just so happens" to coincide with our furlough departure. Guess where we have to fly out of to use those "free tickets" I mentioned earlier? You guessed it! Melbourne!

I get so excited when I see how the Lord plans and coordinates my blessings long before I know what I even need! God Is So Good!

Blessing #3 Speaking of my websites... In spite of all the troubles and heartache I hear of with people losing their homes, their jobs, and their retirement, the Lord continues to keep my cup overflowing.

I'm not getting rich financially, by any stretch of the imagination, but my online income has been gradually increasing over the past few months so that I have been able to help others who are struggling. (I am rich in so many other ways.)

This home business that the Lord is helping me build, will be a long term blessing to us, our families, and others who the Lord brings across our path. I never expected this result two years ago when I began this online business experience.

I could go on and on... and tell you of the people who have been saved recently, as well as the "smaller" blessings of each and every day. God IS so Good!

But what I want to say most of all, is that I don't deserve God's blessings. I am not being singled out for His Special Attention because there is something good about ME. It's all because of how Good HE is!

His mercy and goodness is so humbling. I know myself pretty well and understand that I am unworthy of the riches of His Goodness, but He seems to delight in giving it to me regardless. I'm getting better and better at receiving it with a thankful heart.

Do you recognize the Goodness of God in your life? I know everything may not be perfect in your life. My life isn't perfect either. But I have a funny feeling that if we give God more praise for how Good He is, He's probably a lot more likely to turn on those showers of blessings. I think He really loves to hear our praise. God Is Good!

If you've got a blessing to share, I'd love to hear it! I'm going to add a page to the site where we can all post our blessings when God is Good in some specific way, and rejoice with each other.

I should have already done it before sending out this letter, but I couldn't wait any longer. I was just busting to share with you about my pile of blessings. I'll do it soon! I promise!


Angie Berg

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