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Become an ecommerce website developer to share information, or sell e-goods, hard good products or your services for profit.

One of the easiest ways to develop a small business online is to create and/or sell e-goods, also known as digital products.  If you can digitize it, you can sell it.

Selling e-books, digital photo collections, MP3s, clip art, e-sounds, cartoons/art/illustrations or software makes the internet the ideal venue.

When you sell e-goods, the Net becomes an automated distribution channel. No products to handle.   No boxes to pack.  No courier to ship.

E-commerce becomes the most efficient way to sell online, but only if you use the right approach and process.  If you use the traditional standard method of:

  • create an e-product.
  • create a website to sell it.


  • fail because of poor process.
  • your business dies due to a lack of traffic (visitors).

To help you gain an understanding of the big picture of e-commerce begin by watching this short video overview (4 min):

You may have a great product and a beautiful website but this "standard approach" used by the 97-98% of ecommerce website owners will fail. Without targeted traffic (potential buyers), you'll get nowhere.

The right approach has to be established, and it is by comprehending that you must create valuable Content (Information) about your e-product. That website content comes before Traffic which comes before Monetization (gathering the money). The right way is C – T – P – M.

"Sell" first what people want and search for, on the Web... ...information. This is the foundation of your business, no matter what product or service you plan to sell or promote on the Net.

Successful Ecommerce Website Developer Example

Here are some great case studies to show you how people have created excellent content to promote their ecommerce business online. One of them I'd like to draw particular emphasis to is Michael Boyter, from Wasilla, Alaska.

On his successful SBI! site (, Michael creates excellent content about genealogy and family autobiographies and then sells an e-book called Memorygrabber.   Michael also monetizes his high volume of targeted traffic using...

  • Google AdSense ads to contribute to his monthly earnings.

  • Affiliate income - By referring visitors to non-competing merchants with affiliate programs, profits are increased even more by earning commissions on sales that he doesn't even have to handle.

  • Joint ventures. Michael leverages his site's high traffic by selling related products created by others, merchants who are either offline or who are online but don't have the volume of traffic that SBI! and have built.

What do YOU need to become an e-commerce website developer?

Having the right tools and guidance puts you in the best position to become a successful ecommerce website developer...

  • A complete, logical, powerful process that you can both understand and follow step-by-step (Solo Build It's Action Guide).

  • All the tools in one place.

  • Support and assistance that provides the right answers in a reasonable time frame.

  • Regular updating, so you don't have to spend time "keeping pace."

Who's Doing It?

Over the past 10+ years, more than 50,000 Solo Build It owners can give you that answer. Everyday people of all ages are starting up, building, and generating profits from their own e-businesses.

They range from students as young as 14 years old to, professionals, small business owners, and even retirees, one of whom is 91 years young! There is no other product that delivers the all-in-one process, tools, updating, support and guidance.

Solo Build It builds growing, strong, profitable businesses, from the ground up, for entrepreneurs like yourself. It builds business. E-business.

If you're ready to get going, Start Now!

Solo Build It! is the way to grow an online business and to build your ecommerce website. Do it yourself or hire a Specialist, but get going before this great opportunity passes you by.

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